Krzysztof Nowicki

Krzysztof Nowicki


Krzysztof’s expertise lies in litigation and commercial law, specifically focusing on the legal aspects of M&A transactions. He has experience in projects related to issuing securities on the Stock Exchange and providing legal advisory services to publicly owned companies. Krzysztof has also participated in various projects related to employment law, which include company audits, legal representation in employment-related cases and the preparation of diverse documents for employers.

He is the author of numerous publications on legal challenges involving employment, tax and business law maters in periodicals and newspapers such as “The International Employment Lawyer”, the “Global Mobility Handbook” and Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

Krzysztof is also a co-author of the book „Money Laundering”, a collective work edited by Prof. Jacek Grzywacz.  He is fluent in English.

Previous profesional expierience:

  • GNP Law Firm
  • Magnusson
  • Drzewiecki Tomaszek i Wspólnicy
  • Deloitte
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